The Devices page allows you to manage your devices in one convenient location. On the devices page you can view all the devices in your account, whether they are online or offline, sync your devices, add new devices, create device groups, and access the device settings.



Manage Devices

The Devices screen allows you to manage every device connected to your Catalog App Manager from one convenient location. The left side of this screen displays a list of all devices connected to your account.


This list includes the name of each device, whether it is online or offline, and which device group it is assigned to. Use the search fields above each column to filter devices by Status, Name, or Device Group.

The device groups on the right designate the default settings for all devices assigned to them. When your account is first set up, a default device group is established for you.

Add a New Device

  1. Click Add New Device to add a new device to your account. This is where you will enter the pairing code for your device and select the device group from which to inherit settings.

Learn more about installing and pairing the Catalog App.

Manage Device Groups

  1. Log in to
  2. Click Devices in the top navigation.
  3.  The right side of the Devices screen displays a list of device groups.

A device group allows you to apply the same customization settings to a group of devices. Account administrators can create as many device groups as needed for the management of an account.


When you first log in to your Catalog App Manager and navigate to the Devices screen, you will notice that a default device group is already established for you.


Device groups make setting up future devices simple – just pair your device and assign it to an existing group to automatically configure it with that group's settings.

Groups are also an effective way to manage devices in multiple stores from one central account. Simply create a device group for each store location to easily apply the same settings to all devices in a store.

For simplicity, we recommend you edit settings on the device group level whenever possible. On a individual device's settings page, click Go to Group Settings to edit the device's group settings instead.


Add a New Group

To add a new device group:

  1. Log in to
  2. Click Devices in the top navigation.
  3. Click Create Group to the right of the Device Groups heading.

  4. Enter the information for your new device group, then click Finish.

For easy setup, you can import settings from an existing device group by selecting the import box at the bottom of this screen and choosing a source from the drop-down list.

Customize Device Group Settings

  1. Log in to
  2. Click Devices in the top navigation.
  3. To customize a device group, click the Settings icon to the right of the device group name.

    The settings screen contains all customizable settings in one convenient location.

Override Device Group Settings

Each device connected to your account has its own Settings page that allows you to override any setting inherited from its device group. To override group settings on any individual device:

  1. Click the device name on the Devices screen.
  2. Click Settings, and then click the Override toggle. The Override toggle changes a setting for this device only. Settings toggled to Sync will inherit their values from their device group.

Change a Device's Group Assignment

To change which group a device is assigned to:

  1. Click the device name on the Devices screen.

  2. Select the desired device group from the Device Group drop-down.

Edit a Device or Device Group Name

To edit a Device or Device group name:

  1. Click the device name or device group Settings button on the Devices screen.
  2. click the pencil icon to the left of the name. This will place a box around the device or device group name, indicating it is now an editable field. Click anywhere within this box to edit.

Sync Devices

The Catalog App syncs all of your online devices automatically once every 24 hours. If you would like to update your devices more immediately, you can opt to perform a manual sync.


To perform a manual sync:

  • Sync All Devices - sync all devices using the Sync All Devices button on the Devices screen.
  • Sync Individual Device - From the device management screen, click the device name on the Devices screen to open individual device settings, and click Sync Device.

Check the status of the sync process by clicking the sync icon in the top right of the screen. To view further details, click View Details.

The Sync Details screen contains a searchable history of all of your sync events. Use the fields at the top of the screen to filter your sync history by Name or Status.

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